SAKEN is transfering its machine development origined experience into highly accurate and efficient machine components’ offering. 

These plug-and play modules with their proven designs are mainly offered to factories which has automation divisions or for mechatronic companies who supply these main modules from third party suppliers. 

Our clients avoid extra design work and supply chain management cost with SAKEN’s one-stop-shopping availability.

Feeding Systems

Our vibrational feeding systems are designed and produced in rotary and linear types in line with our client’s project requirements.

SAKEN is also offering sound-proof cabinets for your applications.

Handling Systems

SAKEN is offering mechanical modules which ensure full compatibility of the «on top» units such as pneumatic/servo systems and the rotary adapted machine bases with high accuracy.

Handling Systems are plug&play and compatible with Indexing Machine Bases offered by SAKEN.

Indexing Machine Base

Inaccurately designed machine base(chasis) and rotor combination leads to medium term vibration origined axis shifts which results in production interrupts, poor OEE rates and high maintenance costs.

SAKEN, with its deep expertise, provides standart solutions which ensure high OEE values for overall system.

SAKEN offers Indexing Machine Bases either with Autorotor branded rotors or without rotor in six different sizes and rotational speed.